J.J. CALE : 5


  1. Thirteen Days
  2. Boilin' Pot
  3. I'll Make Love to You Anytime
  4. Don't Cry Sister
  5. Too Much for Me
  6. Sensitive Kind
  7. Friday
  8. Lou-Easy-Ann
  9. Let's Go to Tahiti
  10. Katy Kool Lady
  11. Fate of a Fool
  12. Mona

Label : Shelter Records

Release Year : 1979

Length : 37:41

Review (AllMusic) : As Cale's influence on others expanded, he just continued to turn out the occasional album of bluesy, minor-key tunes. This one was even sparer than usual, with the artist handling bass as well as guitar on many tracks. Listened to today, it sounds so much like a Dire Straits album, it's scary. (Mark Knopfler & Co. had appeared in 1978, seven years after Cale.)