1. The Devil's Right Hand
  2. Live Forever
  3. Everyone Gets Crazy
  4. It Is What It Is
  5. I Do Believe
  6. The End Of Understanding
  7. True Love Travels A Gravel Road
  8. Death And Hell
  9. Waiting For A Long Time
  10. Here Comes That Rainbow Again
  11. The Road Goes On Forever

Label : Liberty Records

Released : 1994

Length : 36:32

Review (AllMusic) : For their third album, The Road Goes on Forever, the Highwaymen hired Don Was to produce. Was had previously worked with every member of the group but Johnny Cash, so he was, theoretically, a natural choice and on the surface, The Road Goes on Forever has all the trappings of being the classic Highwaymen album. It has great material, from standards like Dallas Frazier's "True Love Travels on a Gravel Road" to contemporary favorites by Steve Earle ("The Devil's Right Hand") and Billy Joe Shaver ("Live Forever"), to new cuts from all four members. It has a crisp sound and a focused production, with fine performances from everyone involved.