1. Country Morning
  2. A Misspent Youth
  3. I Believe In You
  4. Sleepyhead
  5. Layna
  6. The Clearings
  7. Rember Then
  8. Seeds Of Change
  9. Shine A Light
  10. Randolph And Me
  11. Cape Cod Houses
  12. Seeds

Label : A&M Records

Released : 1973

Length : 43:27

Review (AllMusic) : Gallagher & Lyle beef up their folk-based sound from previous albums on this recording produced by Glyn Johns. The duo adds several uptempo cuts in a more rock-oriented vein, using saxophone on the opening and most rock-oriented cut, "Country Morning." Harmonicas add energy to the second song, the uptempo "A Misspent Youth," one of several songs with a social edge. Both Gallagher and Lyle have thin voices, but on songs which have an edge of melancholy, such as "Remember Then," and "The Clearings," (two of the outstanding tracks) the voice quality lends itself to good effect. Although many songs on the album deal with regret or loss, there are several which tip the balance in favor of upbeat moods and feeling. Also, melodies and arrangements are strong throughout the album. Side One is particularly effective, with each song having a particular mood of its own. Although Gallagher & Lyle headed more into mainstream rock production values with their next effort, this transitional effort is their best album overall.