1. When All's Well
  2. Ugly Little Dreams
  3. Shoot Me Down
  4. are you trying to be funny ?
  5. Sean
  6. Ballad of the Times
  7. Anytown
  8. This Love (Not for Sale)
  9. Trouble and Strife
  10. Angel

Label : WEA

Release Year : 1985

Review (AllMusic) : On their second album, Everything But the Girl took a more contemporary pop approach while retaining the spareness of their debut. They also upped the ante in their songwriting, tackling a range of issues from the Irish troubles to the troubles of movie star Frances Farmer, with lots of criticism of the stratification and sexism of the current social and economic system thrown in. Tracey Thorn's careworn voice proved an excellent vehicle for such essentially pessimistic sentiments, and even if Love Not Money made for a dour listening experience, it was nevertheless compelling. (The "special U.S. edition" of the album, released by Sire Records, differed from the Blanco Y Negro version from the U.K. in that it featured the pop-sounding "Heaven Help Me" and a cover of the Pretenders' "Kid." Neither enhanced the album's commercial appeal; it made the Top Ten back home, but did not chart Stateside.)