1. Exiles
  2. What You're Doing
  3. Lonely In Love
  4. Seeing You Again
  5. She Don't Look Back
  6. The Way It Must Be
  7. Hearts In Decline
  8. It Doesn't Matter
  9. Our Last Farewell

Label : Epic

Release Date : 1987

Length : 37:15

Review (AllMusic) : Clearly Dan Fogelberg's most disappointing album, Exiles was an obvious attempt at creating an edgier, more contemporary sound. It's not that Fogelberg doesn't have a powerful rock voice or the ability to turn up the volume successfully, it's just that aside from "Lonely in Love," the songwriting here is not among his best. Even with the support of a stellar lineup, including Bob Glaub, Larry Klein, Joe Lala, Rick Marotta, Andy Newmark, and Timothy B. Schmit, among others, most of the music comes off as misguided at best. Oddly enough, the album's release coincided with the advent of classic rock radio, which played many of the artists who were Fogelberg's contemporaries as well as many of his classic songs.