1. Sweet Tequila Blues
  2. Him Who Saved Me
  3. Extra
  4. There's a Hole in the Midnight
  5. Let's Leave This Town
  6. Storybook Children
  7. Do Your Part
  8. His Eyes
  9. Say Little Darlin'
  10. Midnight on the Water
  11. You Are Danger
  12. Was That for Me

Label : TrainWreck Records

Release Year : 2002

Length : 43:33

Review (AllMusic) : This new release by this legendary Texas songwriter is a far piece from the Troggs' Wild Thing, but it is still the same person who has worked his way around the music business. This is his teaming with up-and-coming fiddler/singer Carrie Rodriguez to bring a slew of new songs to the public, some of which are destined to become hits in the country & western music scene. He wrote, or co-wrote, ten of the 12 tunes here, and there isn't a wormy one in the package. Before the focus turns too much to this legend, take a listen to the stellar and sensitive fiddling this budding new singer is capable of producing. "There's a Hole in the Midnight" has a feel to it that calls back the best of sad country songs without being disgustingly maudlin; oh, it's a weeper all right -- however, that line of gush is not crossed. There is a good mix in the tempos of the tunes and this disc never gets stuck in any rut. They have a remarkable group of musicians playing with them that go a long way to bring out the best in his music, including former Van Morrison stalwart John Platinia on electric guitar and Fairport Convention's Dave Mattacks handling the drums. However, this is their disc and it is they who make it dazzle as a bright star in that lonesome Texas prairie night.