Disc One (76:40)

  1. Carry On / Questions
  2. Marrakesh Express
  3. Long Time Gone
  4. Military Madness
  5. Southern Cross
  6. Lay Me Down
  7. Almost Gone
  8. Wasted on the Way
  9. Radio
  10. Bluebird
  11. Déjà Vu
  12. Wooden Ships

Disc Two (74:53)

  1. Helplessly Hoping
  2. In Your Name
  3. Girl from the North Country
  4. As I Come of Age
  5. Guinevere
  6. Johnny's Garden
  7. learn to Live (So Begins the Task)
  8. Cathedral
  9. Our House
  10. Love the One You're With
  11. For What It's Worth
  12. Teach Your Children
  13. Suite: Judy Blue Eyes

Label : CSN Records

Release Date : July 17, 2012

Recording Date : April 22, 2012

Venue : The Performing Arts Center, San Luis Obispo, California, USA

Review (AllMusic) : Unlike previous albums bearing CSN somewhere in the title, CSN 2012 is not a studio album: it is a live set capturing the formidable trio on their 2012 tour. It is an unabashed stroll with CSN peppering their standards with the occasional cover - Bob Dylan's “Girl from the North Country” -- and a few newer tunes. At times, signs of age are evident - there are certain high harmonies they can no longer hit, Stills is particularly gravelly - but the crack team of pros help patch up potholes, keeping things smooth and easy. This live set was primarily intended as a home video release, so it’s perhaps best appreciated as a DVD or BluRay, but in any form it’s warm, friendly nostalgia.