1. Only Waiting for You
  2. Find a Dream
  3. Camera
  4. Unequal Love
  5. Till It Shines
  6. It Won't Go Away
  7. These Empty Days
  8. In My Life
  9. Street to Lean On
  10. Bad Boyz
  11. After the Storm
  12. Panama

Label : Atlantic

Length : 46:16

Released : 1994

Review from AllMusic : When they began singing together, CSN could bring shivers to the spines of even the hardest of rock cynics. After the Storm doesn't do that. It doesn't even come close, and while there is some first-rate material here, this is pretty much a botched disc. A cover of the Beatles' "In My Life'' is interesting, but Stills did it much more convincingly on his solo effort. Only "These Empty Days" and the title cut, both from Graham Nash, have any of the old magic in them. The rest sounds like tracks made for solo discs that never saw the light of day and were combined in this form so as to sell product. A rather sad reminder of what once was a vital musical force.