1. Born On The Bayou
  2. Green River
  3. Ninety-Nine And A Half (Won't Do)
  4. Bootleg
  5. Commotion
  6. Bad Moon Rising
  7. Proud Mary
  8. I Put A Spell On You
  9. The Night Time Is The Right Time
  10. Keep On Chooglin'
  11. Suzie Q.

Label : Craft Recordings

Length : 55:20

Release Year : August 2, 2019

Recording Date : August 17, 1969

Venue : Woodstock Festival, Bethel, White Lake, New York, USA

Review (AllMusic) : Creedence Clearwater Revival didn't think much of their set at Woodstock. Irritated by being pushed into the midnight slot by a series of misadventures they'd blame on the Grateful Dead, they wrote off their performance, not appearing in either the film or its accompanying soundtrack. Five decades later, they acknowledged the pull of history, consenting to have their performance as part of Rhino's mammoth complete set Woodstock: Back to the Garden, and also allowing it to be released by Craft Recordings. Listening to the nine-song concert in either context, it's bewildering to think that this was dismissed by anybody involved with the band. Throughout their hour-long set, CCR sound ferocious, tearing through their hardest material, playing "Born on the Bayou," "Green River," and "Bootleg" with a nasty edge. The hardness of their choogle is a bit of a revelation, as the band sound fiery in a way that they don't on any of the officially released Creedence live recordings. If CCR stuck to their hits, it'd be one thing, but the band gains momentum as their hour proceeds. Once they play an apocalyptic "I Put a Spell on You," they've set themselves up for a conclusion where they land on two mesmerizing ten-minute concluding songs. "Keep on Chooglin'" and "Suzie Q" stay mean throughout their long jams, leaving the question hanging: if this was Creedence Clearwater Revival on an average night, what on earth did they sound like on a great one?

Review (Wikipedia) : Live at Woodstock is a live album released on August 2, 2019 via Fantasy Records. The set documents swamp rock band Creedence Clearwater Revival's set at 1969's Woodstock. Creedence Clearwater Revival was the first act to sign a contract for August's Woodstock festival in April 1969, for $10,000 (equivalent to $68,000 today). Given their late start time and omission from the Woodstock film (at John Fogerty's insistence), Creedence members have expressed bitterness over their experiences regarding the festival. In 1994, "Commotion", "Green River", "Ninety Nine and a Half (Won't Do)", and "I Put a Spell on You" appeared on Woodstock: Three Days of Peace and Music and for the 40th anniversary home video release of the film, the band allowed the inclusion of "Born on the Bayou", "I've Put a Spell On You", and "Keep On Chooglin". This album also coincides with a 38-disc box set from Rhino Records compiling the entire festival, Woodstock Back to the Garden: The Definitive 50th Anniversary Archive.