Disc One (71:35)

  1. Prelude / Angry Young Man
  2. Somewhere along the line

  3. Summer, highland falls

  4. Piano man

  5. Root beer rag

  6. James

  7. Travelin' prayer

  8. New York State of Mind

  9. The entertainer

  10. Billy The Kid

  11. Band intro

  12. I've loved these days

  13. Impressions

  14. Miami 2017

Disc Two (72:51)

  1. Captain Jack
  2. All you wanna do is dance

  3. Ain't no crime

  4. The weekend song
    bonus Tracks :

  5. Everybody loves you now

  6. She's got a way

  7. All American blues

  8. Got to begin again

  9. Captain Jack

  10. Falling of the rain

  11. Nocturne

  12. Turn around

  13. Long long time

  14. Josephine

  15. Rosa Linda

  16. Tomorrow is today

  17. Stop in Nevada

  18. unknown country song not listed on the cover

Label : Mistral Music

Venue : The Bottom Line, New York City, New York, USA

Date : June 10th, 1976

Quality : Soundboard Recording (A-)

Review : A very creative but pitiful attempt at putting several radio broadcast shows on a 2 disc set. This bootleg fails because at least the tracks from the Bottom Line concert of June 10, 1976 are mastered too fast! The fate that clinched the decline of Cold Spring Harbor has once again struck! (This is positive information. The author has heard the actual rebroadcast of this legendary performance on WNEW in NY.) The bootleggers probably had to do this in order to fit the material on to two discs. Disc One and the first 4 tracks on Disc Two make up the Bottom Line concert. Actually the final track that was played that night "Souvenir" is missing from this boot. The rest of the tracks appear to be from a 1972 radio show probably from WMMR in Philadelphia, but unconfirmed (the bootleg does not even differentiate the gigs). There is one extra track not listed in the liner notes at the end of Disc Two. Some of you may not recognize two of the tracks on Disc Two, but Billy himself does introduce these songs. It is any wonder if these tracks were ever recorded in the studio....