1. Pre-Concert Interviews
  2. Blues Run The Game

  3. Blackwaterside

  4. Running From Home (with Ralph McTell)

  5. Moonshine (with Ralph McTell)

  6. Angie

  7. Edge Of A Dream (with Bernard Butler)

  8. Crimson Moon (with Bernard Butler)

  9. Bruton Town (with Jacqui McShee)

  10. Train Song (with Jacqui McShee & Johnny Marr)

  11. I Got A Feeling

  12. It Don't Bother Me

  13. Fool's Mate

  14. The Riverbank (with Bernard Butler)

  15. Strolling Down The Highway

  16. Carnival

Label : no label

Venue : LSO St.Luke's Church, Old Street, London, UK

Recording Date : October 24, 2003

Length : 58:17

Quality : TV Broadcast (A+)

Review : This is an incredible show featuring guest appearances from Johnny Marr, Bernard Butler, Ralph McTell and former Pentangle vocalist Jacqui McShee. The sound quality is perfect.