1. Back in the Game
  2. River of Dreams
  3. Yesterday's Heroes
  4. Children of the Disappeared
  5. Pool of Tears
  6. Do You Believe in Dreams (Same Chance for Everyone)
  7. So Long (Took Me)
  8. Mr. E
  9. Three Weeks to Despair
  10. The Time of Our Lives

Label : Polydor

Length : 60:22

Released : 1997

Review (Amazon) : 'River of Dreams' seems to be the Barclay James Harvest lost gem. Not released in the U.K this album became the bands last for Polydor and their last album as a full unit. In my opinion this album is one of their best in a long time and often overlooked. There are some great songs here like 'Back in the game', 'River of Dreams', 'Children of the disappeared', 'Mr E' 'Yesterdays heroes' and 'Three weeks to dispair'. All well crafted to a high standard and excellent production. This album stands up well against previous Barclay James Harvest classics 'Everyone is everybody else' and 'Time Honoured ghosts'and is a must for any BJH fan.