1. Prisoner Of Your Love
  2. He Said Love
  3. Alone In The Night
  4. Turn The Key
  5. You Need Love
  6. Kiev
  7. African
  8. Following Me
  9. All My Life
  10. Panic
  11. Guitar Blues
  12. On The Wings Of Love

Label : Polydor

Length : 60:47

Released : 1987

Review from AllMusic : It's not impossible for an old progressive rock band to make an honorable transition into '80s pop. Yes, Genesis, and the Moody Blues all pulled it off, though with varying degrees of artistic success. But when a once-intelligent band has three song titles on one side featuring the word "Love," you know they're just phoning it in. "Panic" might be the worst track ever recorded by BJH, although to be fair it works wonderfully as an unintentional parody of hair metal. The closing track, "Guitar Blues," retains some slight spark of creative musicianship, but this album can only be recommended if you like hackneyed DX-7 patches and the acrid smell of wasted talent.