1. Rock and Roll Music to The World
  2. Hear Me Calling
  3. I Can't Keep From Crying Sometimes
  4. How do You Do It ?
  5. Don't Want You Woman
  6. While My Guitar Gently Weeps/Getting Nowhere Fast
  7. I Don't Give a Damn
  8. I am Writing You a Letter
  9. I'm Gonna Make It
  10. Slow Blues in C
  11. Love Like a Man
  12. I'm Going Home

Label : no label

Length : 80:34

Venue : Piazza Blues Festival, Bellinzona, Switzerland

Date : June 25, 2004

Quality : Soundboard Recording (A+)

Review (SoundABoard) : And aboard we have Alvin Lee and his band, the ex-voice and guitar from Ten Years After, a band that he left in 2003 and since then has continued his solo career. This excellent show was at the Piazza Blues, a summer blues festival that happens in Switzerland every year since 1989. A terrific, historical and clean recording !! Here we have the legendary guitar hero Alvin Lee in a great performance, playing basically classics from Ten Years After era, there's also a tribute to Harrison and some more..