1. Sunrise / Wake me Up
  2. L.A. Rendez vous
  3. the dance
  4. high rockin'
  5. amy / I wish i could
  6. wheelchair groupie

Label : Polydor

Released : 1976

Review (Progarchives) : Alquin is a Dutch progressive/pop rock band. Their first two albums are great additions to your collection, their later work is not important for people who want to invest their money and time in progressive music, for their music became fully songbased and poppy. On this live album we have an akward situation, for it falls precisely in between their progressive and their pop period. The fifteen minute lang suite The Dance is played like Alquin is a classic prog band, other songs like L.A. Randez Vous and Wheelchair Groupie and some other are popbased rocksongs with good vocals. One nice extra is the Amy - I Wish I could ten minute piece from their debut. So we have 25 minutes of prog and 25 minutes of rock. The recording is very good, even better then their studiorecordings. I wonder whether this is an real live album or live in the studio, you almost never any for of a crowd. Conclusion. Nice recording, well played. Not very important for the halve of this album is pop and the other halve is also available on other records. Good... but non-essential that is. Three stars!