Disc One (57:59)

  1. No Speak No Slave
  2. Sting Me
  3. Hard To Handle
  4. My Morning Song
  5. Jam
  6. Thorn In My Pride
  7. Bad Luck Blue Eyes Goodbye
  8. Twice As Hard

Disc Two (47:00)

  1. Black Moon Creeping
  2. Thick N' Thin
  3. Hotel Illness
  4. Stare It Cold
  5. Three Little Birds
  6. Sometimes Salvation
  7. Jealous Again
  8. Remedy

Label : Kiss The Stone

Venue : Sam Houston Coliseum, Houston, Texas, USA

Date : February 6, 1993

Quality : soundboard recording (A+)

Review (Stadium Studios) : Here it is my friends. High in Houston. One of the most requested shows from The Black Crowes. It sounds great and is a wonderful performance all the way around. There are only 16 tracks but a few of them are full blown jams. Just check out the times on some of these songs. This is a complete show lasting 1 hour and 45 minutes!!! Enjoy!!!

Review (QualityBootz) : This bootleg from Houston, Texas is the full-length show that was broadcasted live. It is also voted the most favorite CD Bootleg by Black Crowes fans.