1. Your Poppa Don't Mind
  2. Travelled
  3. Rosie Had Everything Planned
  4. Remember
  5. Forever
  6. Potter
  7. coming Home to See You
  8. Times Have Changed
  9. Friend in Need
  10. Aries

Label : A&M

Release Year : 1971

Length : 40:33

Review (Wikipedia) : Indelibly Stamped is the second album by progressive rock band Supertramp, released in 1971 (see 1971 in music). Like their début, this album was also a commercial disappointment, which resulted in the loss of their financial supporter and the ultimate break-up of the band at the time. Original editions have a colour gate-fold cover and different text for the band name and album title. The cover photograph features the tattooed torso and arms of a woman. This is the first Supertramp album issued in the US; the cover was in colour (in 1971), but A&M pasted two gold stars over the nipples.

Review (AllMusic) : Indelibly Stamped, Supertramp's second album, was an improvement on their debut, although the group did have a tendency to indulge themselves in long-winded instrumental sections.