Disc One

  1. Intro
  2. easy money
  3. Weasel and the white boys cool
  4. chuck e.'s in love
  5. the last chance texaco
  6. sailor song
  7. beat angels
  8. a tree on allenford
  9. it must be love
  10. ghostyhead
  11. his jeweled floor
  12. living it up
  13. we belong together
  14. pirates (So long lonely avenue)

Disc Two

  1. the horses
  2. bonfires
  3. remember me
  4. nobody knows my name
  5. wild girl
  6. autumn leaves
    Bonus Tracks :
  7. rodeo girl
  8. remember me
  9. bonfires
  10. the moon is made of gold
  11. the last chance texaco
  12. it takes you there
  13. lap dog
  14. the gospel of carlos, norman and Smith
  15. wild girl
  16. the moon is mde of gold

Label : no label

Venue : Studio 105 FIP Radio France, Paris, France

Date : November 26, 2009

Quality : FM soundboard recording (A+)

Review : Ricky Lee Jones, 54, who won the Grammy for best new artist in 1980, puts the art in artist. Like Tom Waits and Joni Mitchell, she is an American original working in the singer-songwriter realm. Whether she does boho jazz, hip pop or experimental rock, Jones shows a consistent connectedness with her songs that make her concerts unpredictable, organic and exciting. On Thursday night at the Studio 105 of Radio France, the revered Los Angeles singer-songwriter gave the most intimate performance she's given here - and most special. Forget about the manic depression, the heartbreaks, the growing old, she was in her comfort zone and showed off a brilliant mind work. Bonus tracks included from WXPN-FM radio "World Café Live" (Philadelphia, PA, October 25, 2009) and WFUV-FM radio "Words & Music From Studio A" (New York City, NY, November 2nd, 2009).