1. Drivin' Wheel
  2. Rocky Mountain Breakdown
  3. Just Call My Name
  4. Skatin'
  5. Faith In The Families
  6. Krikkit's Song
  7. Angel
  8. You've Got Your Reasons

Label : Epic

Release Date : April 12, 1974

Length : 35:45

Review (AllMusic) : With strong, soaring harmonies, a healthy balance between acoustic country-rock and heavy rock & roll, and some fairly strong songs, Seven is a major surprise, given that this is the group's first post-Richie Furay album. George Grantham's drumming is a special highlight (check out his solo on "Drivin' Wheel"), but all of the playing is superb, and with one or two additional strong songs, this would be a highly recommended album, and as it is, it's quite good. Unfortunately, not everything here is as strong as "Drivin' Wheel" or "Rocky Mountain Breakdown."

Review (Wikipedia) : Seven is the sixth studio album (seventh overall) by American country rock band Poco. It is the first album they made after leader Richie Furay left the band. The front cover was designed by Phil Hartman. On this album the group experimented with a harder rock sound on some of the tunes.