1. Days Gone By
  2. This Old Flame
  3. Daylight
  4. Odd Man Out
  5. How Many Moons
  6. When You Love Someone
  7. Brenda X
  8. Standing In The Fire
  9. Save A Corner Of Your Heart
  10. The Storm

Label : Atlantic Records

Length : 37:56

Release Date : 1984

Review (AllMusic) : Two years after the disaster of the Ghost Town tour that nearly broke up the band Poco regrouped as a duo with Paul Cotton and Rusty Young, though you wouldn't be able to tell that from the long list of guest musicians who are credited in the album's liner notes. Armed with an armada of fresh ideas and a bright new overly chorused synthesizer, Poco all but abandons their country-rock roots in favor of a reverb heavy electronic drum kit, bright synths, and production that has not aged well. Even guest appearances by Poco alumni Timothy B. Schmit and Zappa drummer Vinnie Colaiuta can't save the group from serving up a lackluster and forgettable ten-song offering that would prove to be the group's swan song until their reunion in 1989.