1. Hoe Down
  2. Bad Weather
  3. What Am I Gonna Do
  4. You Are The One
  5. Railroad Days
  6. From The Inside
  7. Do You Feel It Too
  8. Ol' Forgiver
  9. What If I Should Say I Love You
  10. Just For Me And You

Label : Epic Records

Released : 1971

Length : 37:49

Review (AllMusic) : From the Inside is Poco's most unusual record, and one the band - especially founder Richie Furay, whose songs were sort of pushed into the background - finally didn't like all that much. But it was a very good one anyway, produced in Memphis by guitar legend Steve Cropper and featuring the group generating a leaner, more stripped-down, somewhat bluesier sound. The harmonies are less radiant and the guitars more subdued, and the spirits also a little more low-key than usual. But the sound they get is still appealing, the singing more reflective and a little bit closer to R&B than to the post-Byrds country-rock for which they were known - the songs are pretty, and in listening terms George Grantham's drums and Timothy B. Schmit's bass are nice and upfront in the mix, and the guitars have a really close presence, even if they are turned down. Paul Cotton's "Bad Weather" was the best reviewed song, but other highlights were "You Are the One," "Hoe Down," "Railroad Days" (maybe their hardest rocker), and "Ol' Forgiver."