1. Observations
  2. Guru Banana
  3. City Waltz
  4. Toujours la Voyage
  5. Sweet Deceiver
  6. Diminished But Not Finished
  7. Circular Letter
  8. Once Upon an Ocean
  9. Farewell Again (Another Dawn)
    Bonus Track :
  10. didn't feel lonely 'til I thought of you
  11. observastions
  12. stranger in blue suede shoes
  13. interview
  14. farewell again

Label : Harvest

Time : 61:21

Release Year : 1975

Review (AllMusic) : Sweet Deceiver is one of Kevin Ayers' more mainstream efforts. Any album that has Elton John playing piano on a few tracks can't be too weird. That's not to say, though, that this is exactly mainstream in and of itself. Ayers continues to play his offhandedly charming miniatures, with occasional Caribbean rhythms and trademark droll, bemused lyrics. The problem is that while this has its charm while you're listening, little sticks or incites you to return. By this point in his career, Ayers was in danger of catching on a treadmill, restating his idiosyncratic concerns in familiar ways without amplifying them.