1. Champagne And Valium
  2. Thank God For A Sense Of Humor
  3. Take It Easy
  4. Stop Playing With My Heart (You Are A Big Girl)
  5. My Speeding Heart
  6. Lay Lady Lay
  7. Stop Playing With My Heart II
  8. Be Aware Of The Dog

Label : MSI

Release Date : 1984 (remastered 2003)

Length : 31:13

Review (Discogs) : Recorded at Mallorca in 1980. In 1984 a limited edition of this recording was released under the title of "Deią". This record was only found in specialized shops during a short time. These conditions had turned "Deią" into a jewel for collectors. The title refers to the Spanish village Deią, Majorca, where the album was recorded.

Review (Amazon) : Mostly recorded in late 1980, this follows chronologically after the early 1980 release "That's What You Get Babe". Deia Vu is fairly close in style to that album musically, but the production is more stripped down and less bright and dynamic. I guess you could say that it sounds older than TWYGB. It was finally released in 1984. Song overview: 1. Champagne and Valium - A blues number which would be recorded in different versions in the future. Features some tasty saxophone playing and nice female "ooh" background vocals (they are way in the back, but it makes for an atmospheric vibe). 2. Thank God For a Sense of Humor - A whimsical and carefree song, more in the style of his earlier music. 3. Take It Easy - One of the many songs on this album that have a reggae feel. More saxophone too. 4. Stop Playing With My Heart - One of two versions on this album. This is the reggae version. 5. My Speeding Heart - Great uptempo song! Kevin rocking out, with a rhythm section reminiscient of Rollings Stones "Shattered". I personally wish he had done much more music like this. 6. Lay Lady Lay - Bob Dylan's song, done nicely with reggae feel. 7. Stop Playing With My Heart II - Uptempo version of the song. I personally think this one works better than the other, and adds more rock to the album. 8. Beware of the Dog - That reggae song from Rainbow Takeway, showing up again (for some reason). Personal favorites are My Speeding Heart, Lay Lady Lay, and Champagne and Valium