1. Oyster and the Flying Fish (with Bridget St. John)
  2. Lady Rachel 
  3. We Did It Again 
  4. Hat Song 
  5. Clarence In Wonderland 
  6. Rheinhardt And Geraldine ~ Colores Para Dolores 
  7. Why Are We Sleeping 
  8. Garden Of Love 
  9. Gemini Child 
  10. Trying Hard To Know / Hat Song 

Label : KA

Time : 70:44

Venue : Gemeentecentrum, Driebergen, Holland

Date : July 30th, 1970

Quality : FM Soundboard recording (A+)

Review : Single bootleg CD from Italy. All tracks are from FM radio broadcasts. Tracks 1 - 7 are the Whole World with Robert Wyatt VPRO 'Piknik' session from Driebergen, Holland 30/06/70. Miscredit Nico in place of Bridget St John on track 1. Track 8 is David Bedford with London Sinfonietta and Whole World from Queen Elizabeth Hall 26/09/70. Tracks 9-11 wrongly credited Halsall/ Sparrow/ Leggett - they appear to come from Alan Freeman's 14/04/72 'Sounds Of The Seventies' which themselves are rebroadcast Whole World 'Top Gear' sessions from 1970. Track 10 possibly not Ayers at all. Quality good.

Review (Discogs) : 11 tracks are listed on the back cover, but CD contains only 10 tracks ("Trying Hard To Know" and "Hat Song" are 2 separated songs, but are on the same track on CD) 1-7 : Recorded Dreibergen, Holland July 30,1970 - VPRO radio transmission 8 : Recorded Queen Elizabeth Hall, London,September 26, 1970. Actually an excerpt from "The Garden Of Love" with a lesser good quality. 9-10 : Recorded BBC Radio "Sounds Of The Seventies" April 14,1972 - actually a re-broadcast of earlier BBC sessions : 9 is from 'Alan Black Show' recorded 20 May 1970, 10b is from 'Top Gear' recorded 10 Feb. 1970. Also available in better sound quality on "Singing The Bruise" Mistakes on the release : Track 1 : Nico (3) is wrongly credited instead of Bridget St John Tracks 1-8 : Mick Fincher is wrongly credited on drums instead of Robert Wyatt Tracks 9-10 : musicians credited are Eddie Sparrow (drums), Archie Legget (Bass, Vocals) and Ollie Halsall (guitar). This is wrong, above are the correct credits. Track 10a : is probably not by Kevin Ayers at all. Bass [Uncredited], Guitar - Mike Oldfield (tracks: 1 to 9) Drums - Mick Fincher (tracks: 9) Drums [Uncredited] - Robert Wyatt (tracks: 1 to 8, 10b) Guitar [Uncredited], Bass, Vocals - Kevin Ayers Keyboards - David Bedford (tracks: 1 to 9) Reeds, Electronics - Lol Coxhill (tracks: 1 to 9) Vocals [Uncredited] - Bridget St. John (tracks: 1)