1. Love Is In The Air
  2. Take The Money
  3. I Wanna Do It With You
  4. Gay Time Rock 'n' Roll City
  5. Here We Go
  6. The Same Old Thing
  7. Just Can't Do It
  8. Bad Trip
  9. Where The Action Is
  10. The Painting

Label : Ariola

Release Date : 1977

Length : 34:35

Review : Compilation album with John Paul Young's greatest hit "Love Is In The Air".

Review (Rate Your Music) : Usually, "Love Is in the Air" is the only thing that people know about John Paul Young. This album features the famous title track as the opening number, and of course it sets the mood. But it will not last long. At least when the listener reaches "Gay Time Rock 'n' Roll City", it is clear that John Paul Young is actually not a disco pop artist. This music is soulful pop/rock, sometimes with a rhythm & blues flavour. Beside the classic title song, I especially like the last three tracks - "Bad Trip", "Where the Action Is" and "The Painting." A John Paul Young album is not the most likely place to find the best songwriting of the era, and of course you will not find it here, but still, that is not as far away as you might imagine.