1. Crumblin' Down
  2. All Along The Watchtower
  3. Please Don't Bury Me
  4. Little Honda
  5. Authority Song
  6. The Spider And The Fly
  7. Mercedes Benz
  8. Sam Stone
  9. Taxi Dancer
  10. Five O'Clock World
  11. Street Fighting Man
  12. Thundering Hearts
  13. Early Bird Cafe
  14. Pink Houses
  15. Last Of The Rock Stars
  16. White Middle Class Blues
  17. Jack & Diane

Label : no label

Length : 62:02

Venue : Agora Ballroom, Cleveland, Ohio, USA

Date : July 25, 1984

Quality : Soundboard Recording (A+)

Review (TUBE) : Sound quality for this acoustic show is outstanding, and the performance is great - a loose, fun show with lots of audience interaction and primarily covers. If I remember correctly, this show was done as a thank you for all of the support that WMMR had given John Cougar Mellencamp during his early career, and particularly for the "American Fool" breakthrough album he was still promoting at the time. Hardcore Mellencamp fans already have this, though perhaps not in this lineage; even casual fans will want to give this a try, however.