1. Intro
  2. My Sunday Feeling
  3. Roots to Branches
  4. Jack in the Green
  5. The Habanero
  6. Sweet Dream
  7. In the Grip of Stronger Stuff
  8. Aqualung
  9. Locomotive Breath
  10. Living in the Past
  11. Protect and Survive
  12. Nothing Is Easy
  13. Wond'ring Aloud
  14. Life Is a Long Song
  15. A Christmas Song
  16. Cheap Day Return
  17. Mother Goose
  18. Dot Com
  19. Fat Man
  20. Some Day the Sun Won't Shine for You
  21. Cheerio

Label : Eagle Records

Time : 75:14

Release Year : 2002

Recording Date : November 25, 2001

Venue : Hammersmith Apollo, London, UK

Review (AllMusic) : Perhaps there haven't been that many live Tull albums - as Ian Anderson points out in his liner notes, it's been ten years since the last, and there were only two prior to that - but there sure have been a lot of Tull titles that play with the phrase "Living in the Past," so it's easy to forgive less dedicated fans if they decide that they might have heard the Fuel 2000 release Living with the Past before. But they haven't - it's a collection of new live recordings from 2001, largely taken from a performance at London's Hammersmith Apollo in November 2001. What makes this particular live performance noteworthy is that they bring back several original members - Mick Abrahams, Glen Cornick, Clive Bunker, and Dave Pegg - for guest appearances in something that will surely delight longtime followers of the band, which is really who this disc is aimed at. On that level, this works quite well. Perhaps the sound is a little too clean, with each instrument clearly defined and detailed, and perhaps the performance leans more toward the professional than the inspired, but it's enjoyable all the same, proving that Tull remained a strong live band well over 30 years later - and for those who have followed them for years, this will be as welcome as a visit from an old friend.

Review (Wikipedia) : Living With The Past is een livealbum van de Britse progressieve rockband Jethro Tull, uitgebracht in 2002. Er is ook een gelijknamige DVD uitgebracht, maar deze bevat wel een andere setlist. Het grootste deel van het album is opgenomen in 2001 te Londen, maar er zijn, wellicht interessant voor de chauvenisten onder ons, ook twee nummers gespeeld tijdens de 2 Meter Sessies toegevoegd. Daarnaast een korte sessie met een string quartet bij Ian Anderson thuis, verder The Dressing Room Tapes en een nummer gespeeld door een reunie van de originele 1968-Jethro Tull line-up. Nummer 1 tot en met 11 en 21: 25 november 2001, Hammersmith Apollo, Londen. Nummer 12: 22 oktober 1999, Olympia, Parijs Nummer 13 en 14: 22 januari 2002, Ian Andersons privéstudio. Nummer 15, 16 en 17: 13 oktober 1989, The Dressing Room Tapes; Hallenstadion, Zürich. Nummer 18 en 19: 2 Meter Sessies, Wisseloord Studios, Hilversum. Nummer 20: 29 januari 2002, Kelly's, Leamington Spa (1968-Jethro Tull line-up).