1. Winterblue
  2. Walk This World
  3. Island
  4. Heart and Shoulder
  5. Paper Cup
  6. London Rain
  7. Not Only Human
  8. Doubled Up
  9. Truth and Bone
  10. I'm the Girl
  11. Heal Nova
  12. Make You Mine
  13. Sugar
  14. I'm on Fire

Label : V2 Music

Time : 69:22

Release Year : 1998

Venue : E-Werk, Cologne, Germany

Recording Date : November 4, 1998

Review (AllMusic) : Fans are overloaded with Heather Nova's live material, but don't assume it's a bad thing. She's a performer with an amazing live presence. She has the appeal to reel you into her melodic soundscape of dreams and desire. Blow (1993) marked an artist in the making, while Live From the Milky Way (1995) highlighted Nova's growing confidence as both as a singer and a woman. While supporting her second studio album, Siren, Nova's Wonderlust tour mesmerized audiences across Europe. The live album of the same name captured Nova's mystical magic at a gig in Köln, Germany, during a November evening in 1998. She sifted through classics such as "Walk This World" and "Sugar," charming the crowd with her angelic vocals and sweet stage persona. "Heart & Shoulder" and "I'm the Girl" were Nova's heavier rock moments of the night, but her homage to Bruce Springsteen's "I'm on Fire" takes on new life. With its country-like sweetness and Nova's grainy acoustic guitar, Wonderlust is merely a record for those who adore her so much.