1. All Souls
  2. Land of the Chosen Few
  3. Sweet Surrender
  4. Sweet Love
  5. Whose House Is It Anyway?
  6. It's Better This Way
  7. Conscious Love
  8. la fenetre
  9. Everytime I Wake Up
  10. Xavier and Honor
  11. You Put Something Better Inside of Me
  12. Metanoia
  13. Children of the Sun
  14. Another World

Label : Icon Music

Time : 67:18

Release Year : 2000

Review (Wikipedia) : Another World is the ninth and final studio album by Gerry Rafferty. The album was released in 2000 on the Icon Music label to good reviews. It was re-released in 2003 on the Hypertension label with a slightly amended track order, and with "La Fenetre" replaced by "Keep It to Yourself", the latter track also being released a single in Europe and the UK. Mark Knopfler of Dire Straits appears throughout the album, providing his trademark touch with rhythm guitar and lead fills.