1. Poor Little Girl
  2. Blow Away
  3. That's the Way It Goes
  4. Cockamamie Business
  5. Wake up My Love
  6. Life Itself
  7. Got My Mind Set on You
  8. Crackerbox Palace
  9. Cloud 9
  10. Here Comes the Moon
  11. Gone Troppo
  12. When We Was Fab
  13. Love Comes to Everyone
  14. All Those Years Ago
  15. Cheer Down

Label : Warner Bros.

Time : 60:27

Release Year : 1989

Review (AllMusic) : George Harrison's albums have been notoriously uneven, but despite the rough patches, his talent for songcraft never really left him, as the compilation The Best of Dark Horse (1976-1989) proves. A 15-song retrospective covering five albums, The Best of Dark Horse contains nearly every gem from 33 1/3, George Harrison, Somewhere in England, Gone Troppo, and Cloud Nine, including "Crackerbox Palace," "All Those Years Ago," "Got My Mind Set on You," "Cloud 9," "When We Was Fab," and the lovely "Blow Away." For most casual fans, the record will be a welcome summation of a hit-and-miss era of Harrison's career.