1. The Lee Shore
  2. Triad
  3. Almost Cut My Hair
  4. Drive My Car
  5. Compass
  6. Guinnevere
  7. Wooden Ships
  8. Long Time Gone

Label : Shady Grove

Length : 44:46

Venue : Henry J. Convention Center, Oakland, California, USA

Recording Date : December 31, 1986

Release Date : 2016

Quality : FM Recording (A-)

Review (Discogs) : KFOG-F.M San Francisco Broadcast New Year's Eve 1986 from the Henry J. Convention Center, Oakland, California.

Review (Americana UK) : "Silent Harmony" is actually Crosby acting as a support act to The Grateful Dead. It's just Crosby and a guitar, making for a very different feel on some of the usually epic scale songs like Wooden Ships. Lee Shore is very nice, Triad is a little jokey and Drive My Car is as minor a song as ever. The sound quality of the recording is fine - the sound in the hall is not quite as good as on "Towering Inferno" but David Crosby is in great voice.