1. In my dreams
  2. Naked in the rain

  3. Rusty and blue

  4. Hero

  5. 'Till It shines on you

  6. Thousand roads

  7. Cowboy movie

  8. Motherless Children

  9. Almost cut my hair

  10. Déjà vu

  11. Long time gone

  12. Wooden ships

Label : Kiss The Stone

Time : 79:10

Venue : The Whisky, Los Angeles, California, USA

Date : December 7, 1993

Quality : Soundboard Recording (A+)

Review (Andy's Wildweb) : Absolutely stunner show of incredible sound quality. Apparently it's a full show (though I'm not sure) -- indeed, it's the same show as Crosby's official live album "It's All Coming Back To Me Now", but with two more songs and it's edited to take out the intersong banter (probably an FM broadcast or radio promo). Jeff Pevar is amazing. Goosebumps stuff. David Crosby at his very very best.