1. Somewhere in My Heart
  2. Oblivious
  3. Good Morning Britain
  4. Working in a Goldmine
  5. How Men Are
  6. Birth of the True
  7. Pillar to Post
  8. Walk Out to Winter
  9. All I Need Is Everything
  10. Deep and Wide and Tall
  11. ump
  12. Killermont Street
  13. The Crying Scene
  14. Spanish Horses
  15. Reason for Living
  16. We Could Send Letters

Label : Warner Music

Time : 64:02

Release Year : 1999

Review from Wikipedia : Aztec Camera were a Scottish New Wave band from Glasgow, formed in 1980 and centered around the then teenage singer-songwriter, Roddy Frame. Their album "Love" was among the nominations for Best British Album at the 1989 BRIT Awards. A 'Best of' collection was released in 1999.

Review from AllMusic : Originally issued in Japan in 1999 (and later in the U.K. in 2001), The Best of Aztec Camera is an excellent overview of Roddy Frame's songwriting vehicle, collecting 16 tracks from throughout the group's history (up through 1993's Dreamland). The 1983 debut, High Land, Hard Rain, remains the best introduction to Aztec Camera's brand of witty, sophisticated, jazzy pop, but anyone wanting to dig deeper is easily advised to come here next.