Kiss The Stone
  1. romeo is bleeding
  2. annie's back in town
  3. jitterbug boy / better off without a wife
  4. i wish i was in new orleans / When the Saints go marchin' in
  5. since i fell for you
  6. red shoes
  7. silent night / Xmas card from a hooker in minneapolis
  8. the hokey cokey / pasties & a g string
  9. Summertime / burma shave
  10. introduction of the band (Romeo Is Bleeding instrumental)
  11. tom traubert's blues
  12. small change / big spender

Label : Kiss The Stone

Time : 75:10

Venue : State Theater, Sydney, Australia

Date : May 2, 1979

Quality : Soundboard recording (A+)

Comments : Definitely one of the best boots around. It's a live recording from the State Theatre Sydney, Australia. It is said to be a JJ recording (Double Jay radiostation with Australian DJ Richard Kingsmill). Unfortunately these recordings have been released under different titles. Sometimes the origins of the recordings are listed wrongly. Don't be tempted to buy or trade more then one of these titles: Cold Beer on a Hot Night, Live in Hollywood, Mathilda, On Broadway, Romeo is Bleeding, Tom Waits Blue.

Comments from AllMusic : An excellent boot taped in Sydney, Australia, in 1979, highlighting some of the best material from his late-'70s albums. Ever the barfly, Waits frequently intervenes with poignant material ("Annie's Song") and bruiser anthems ("Red Shoes"), blending long stretches of songs into medleys that shift moods often and without warning. Essential for fans of Blue Valentine, it is one of the finer Waits bootlegs to be found.